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About Us

Once upon a time, in a little town called Woodland Hills, California, Nadia was pregnant with her second baby girl. It was an exciting time, but also hectic because she had so much to do before baby Presley made her grand arrival. One thing Nadia already knew from her first pregnancy with baby Adriana, was how her body would be changing. But Nadia was determined this time around, that her sense of style wasn’t going to change as much as the first time. Nadia went to all the usual suspects in the mall. She checked out the boutiques and also wandered over to the high-end places too. But Nadia discovered something that her friends were already complaining about. Cute Pregnancy clothes are limited, not very attractive and expensive.

Why isn’t there something comfortable, cute, trendy, affordable and maybe even something a little sexy?

Hence, Nadia's Third baby was born: Mommylicious Maternity.

Here is our Vision:
To be the trusted source in Maternity Wear and the Expectant Mom Arena. Mommylicious Maternity will actively engage our community (you!) thru our frequent Blog Updates, website and numerous Social Media Sites by engaging in real conversations with the real Moms of today. Moms like Nadia. Moms just like you. Mommylicious Maternity will provide clothing and items that every mom-to-be will feel trendy, cute and comfortable wearing. The most important aspect of Mommylicious Maternity though is real moms just like you won’t break the bank while retaining your individual sense of style.


We ask you hot-mamas-to-be: Aside from ensuring a safe birth for yourself and your baby, what else are you looking for during these amazing 9 months? Now that this is really happening, does that mean you can’t still be cute for Dad-to-be? You have so much on your hands already, wouldn’t you appreciate an easier way to get your cute stuff? Mommylicious Maternity not only allows you to be cute while helping you save money, but we never charge for shipping when you spend $100 bucks or more. We have the best stuff and we know this because other Moms like you told us so!

Hang out with Mommylicious Maternity. We want every mom to feel Mommylicious.




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